Wild Characters

Colorado Dinner TheaterMountain Man: For those of you that drove into Breckenridge, you came along side the Lake Dillon Reservoir.  Two hundred years ago, before the lake was there, was a place called Le Bonte’s Hole.  Le Bonte’s Hole was a rendezvous site for the mountain men.  Now, close your eyes and picture yourself there.  Looking up, you see a lone rider.  It’s a mountain man, riding down hard to meet his brethren at the rendezvous.



Dinner Theater in BreckenridgeDance Hall Girl: After spending all day down in the mine shafts where it was cold, dark and dirty, at the end of their shift the miners would come out of those mine shafts and head into town: into the saloons, where they found the dance hall girls. Breckenridge had a dance hall girl who was better know than any other in the area.  She was a southern belle, a Georgia peach and she was known by the name of “Diamond Dixie.” Now, the miner’s found out that those of them that did the most and loudest whooping and hollering, often got the most attention from the dance hall girls.  Let’s bring in Diamond Dixie!



Historic Breckenridge Unsinkable Molly BrownThe Unsinkable Molly Brown: A lot of the best known characters from the mining days came from right here in Summit County.  That included the best known female character, Molly Brown.  She came from Hannibal, Missouri; traveled across the plains and ended up in the town of Leadville.  So let’s put your hands together and bring out “The Unsinkable Molly Brown!”

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