Private Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge Colorado

Romantic Sleigh Rides in Breckenridge Colorado

Cost: $316.25 after fees

Includes: Hot Cocoa, Blankets, Private Sleigh Ride

Total Ride Time approx: 45mins

1000lb weight limit

-Chocolates available for purchase


Our private romantic sleigh ride for up to 4 adults and small children that can fit on your lap is the perfect way to propose, celebrate an anniversary, have an intimate wedding or just snuggle up with those close to you. Imagine yourself and your beloved gliding through an enchanted, snow covered forest in our majestic one-horse open sleigh.  You are laughing or chatting, or singing “Jingle Bells” as you take in the wonderful mountain surroundings of the White River National Forest.

About the sleigh

Romantic Sleigh Rides In BreckenridgeThe sleigh used for our exclusive romantic sleigh rides was custom made just for us and is modeled after the Hudson Valley Sleigh (1850-1901) that was used only by the wealthy elite of the day.  Black with burgundy leather seats, our swan-bodied sleigh exemplifies the elegance prevalent during the Victorian era. Made for 2-4 riders, our sleigh is designed with vis-a-vis seating to encourage caroling, conversation or quiet reflection as you listen to the jingle of the sleigh bells, the swish of the sleigh runners on the snow, and the rhythmic footfalls of the horse.

About the horse

The sleigh for our romantic rides is pulled by a solid black Percheron named Ashley.  A champion draft horse, Ashley is 17 hands high and weighs 2000 pounds! The Percheron breed originated in the La Perche region of France and was bred to carry the knights of yor elegantly into battle.  Showy and high-stepping, Ashley enjoys her job, and appreciates being paid attention to and expects everyone to see how wonderful she is!

Golden Horseshoe Sleigh Rides specializes in these exclusive private rides. If you have any special requests that would make your celebration more memorable, please call or email us and let us know!

*Prices do not include taxes and fees

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